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computer aided composition, computer and electroacoustic music, audiovision, history and analysis of electronic music, anthropology of music, composition,

aesthetics, acoustic ecology, field recordings, classical guitar, expanded and live cinema, video art, performance, sound design

computer aided composition:


- thesis for the degree certificate in Music Disciplines, specialization in musicology (2006, Laurea in Lettere e Filosofia)

Bologna University (Dep.of Music) thesis title: "Genesi of the form in Computer Aided Composition: theoretical models and poietical perspectives

in the computer programming environment OpenMusic", supervisor: prof. Gianni Zanarini*

// in italian //


- harmonic fields based on the analysis of Girolamo Frescobaldi's Toccatas for harpsichord - for the fields object (CMI Library in the computer

programming environment OpenMusic) . more info in the PDF file, source code in frescolist.txt

soon online // in italian frescolist.txt (copy and paste in your fileds's LISP code) //


- reference for OMTristan Library - OpenMusic

soon online // in french //


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